Boanne’s Straight From The Heart
(Aug 2005 – July 2015)

sting sting2

As you can see Sting was not a Bearded Collie, but an Afghan Hound. I am not sure though if he was aware of that.
The standard says: Aloof and dignified. Well not really!

Sting came to us from Ohio, USA when he was about 1½ year old and had a short show career before we had to neuter him due to an illness.
He managed to get two CC:s in his short career.

Sting was a happy fellow that bounced around almost like our Bearded Collies. He loved to run around in “his” field. And he also loved to watch the traffic outside the kitchen window.
He was barking very loudly if anyone approached our house and noone could enter our house without notice.

He passed away much too early.